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Summer at last!

Farm to Table
With the constraints that are placed on our small farmers we need to give them our support.   More farmers markets are springing up every day, the vendors are able to showcase the very best of what is in season locally… produce that is picked at the peak or ripeness and full of nutrients.  Local dairies that make special artisan cheeses…  raise organic meats.  Let us prepare healthy,  local produce dishes for you, your friends and family.  Arugla, watermelon and olive salad with white balsamic vinaigrette. Organic Beef sliders with a Mango Relish, Cashew and Orange Rice…. Quail with Rose-parsley Pesto….Heirloom Tomatoes with  Fruity Olive Oil…. more.

Yes, we are still doing our wonderful standbys… George’s famous Sirloin Burgers… Grilled fruits, vegetables with our delicious toppings and Savory Cheesecakes. If we have done it before, we still do it!

Set up the Bar
Pitchers of refreshing Meyer Lemonade with Basil…  for a  different cocktail add a little Gin or Vodka.  Have an tin tub of chilled beer and a light lemony refreshing sparkling Italian Prosecco wine with fresh peach slice.

White candles of every size and shape can be put in clear glass containers, for sparkle on the table, buffet and the grounds…or you can use the battery operated ones if you have a lot of little ones in the party and you are concerned with flame, we have them in our inventory.

Sitting outside, want to get rid of those annoying mosquitoes spray your surrounding area with Yard Guard… It keeps them away for at least six hours.

Setting the table
Clean and simple…. white or navy cloths for the clean look with contrasting napkins.   We like real utensils and plates instead of plastic and paper.  If you don’t have enough place settings, borrow random dishes, glasses, and silverware from family or friends… or enjoy the outdoors with bamboo plates and flatware (they are elegant and ecological, biodegradable, compostable and certified organic) It is even FDA approved.  Pick some of those garden flowers and put them in a variety of containers, just make sure they are not too tall to block the person across the table.

Enjoy your summer….