The following are the most frequently asked questions,
if you have any additional inquiries, please contact us at:
info@greatpartiescatering.com or call 800-223-1171.

1. What does being a custom, full-service, caterer mean?

As a custom caterer we create seasonal menus appropriate to our client’s preferences, budget and theme considerations. Our “sample menus” are only an indication of our repertoire. As a full-service caterer, we can plan and coordinate all aspects of your affair. Our event proposal will encompass all other aspects beyond food, beverage and staffing, including all rentals, decorations, site selection and layout, lighting, tenting, valet parking and more.

2. What is the process for planning an event?

After your initial contact with our office, you will be sent general catering information and sample menus appropriate for your type of event. After reviewing this information, call to arrange an appointment. Your event planner will then guide you through the planning process, culminating in a custom proposal for your event.

3. How far do you travel to cater an event?

We cater in the tri state area, including Pike County. In this period of rising gasoline prices, a fuel surcharge applies to all events and will be included in your proposal. Please note too that labor costs will increase with increased travel time. More distant events may also involve special truck or van rental fees.

4. What size of events do you cater?

We cater events from small family dinner parties to occasions for several hundred guests.

5. When do I need to reserve a date on your calendar?

As soon as you have a specific date in mind, contact us to reserve that date on our calendar. Some events are booked a year in advance! Normally, we need 10 days advance notice to plan an event, although some can be arranged in less time. A $100.00 “save the date” deposit will hold a date in advance of our proposal. This deposit is non-refundable if you chose not to proceed with your event. Otherwise, it will be deducted from your final bill.

6. How do I make a reservation?

Call us! 800 223 1177 Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Email us! info@greatpartiescatering.com, Fax us! 888 311 2424

7. Can you recommend a site for my party? How much extra will it cost me?

Different sites are unequally suited for any given affair and, understandably, have different rates or fees for use. Reservations for any site must be made well in advance of your event. We are happy to recommend an appropriate site for your event. Final site reservation must be made directly by the client.

8. I may need a tent. Can you provide one?

We can arrange a tent rental for your every need. When a tent is used, we plan and diagram its orientation at your site, table placements within, etc. Typically, rental companies for tents bill the client directly and require a 50% deposit before installation.

9. I would like to have an event with a specific theme. Do you supply decorations and other items to suit the theme I have in mind?

Your event planner can coordinate all aspects of your party to suit a particular theme you have in mind. Our approach is all-inclusive. From a custom menu to food presentations, from table settings (chairs, linen, china, serving pieces, flowers, etc.) to site development (enclosures, props, walkways, lighting, plants, etc.). From the smallest aspect of your vision to large-scale prop construction and dramatic visual effects, we direct all our efforts to your wishes in creating and staging a truly unforgettable affair.

10. Some of my guests are vegetarian. How will you accommodate them?

We are happy to provide vegetarian or other dietetic menu choices as needed to please your guests. Special meals are normally billed at the regular menu rates. We will also take into consideration any food allergies.

11. I’m not too confident when it comes to selecting the best wines for my party. How can you help me?

Our staff is talented in matching wine to food and can recommend or select for you the best wine in your price range. We charge you only for bottles opened and leave them with you. We return all unopened bottles to the liquor store for credit.

12. Can you recommend a baker for a wedding cake?

Yes. We have several contacts in the area we recommend highly. In addition, whether provided by us or someone else, no special labor charges apply for cutting and serving the wedding cake.

13. Do you provide flowers?

We can order appropriate floral arrangements within your budget or can assist you in coordinating all floral decisions. We work with many prominent florists in the area. Most florists bill directly to the client.

14. Do you provide entertainment services?

No. But we can suggest a wide range of musicians and other entertainment resource references available in the area.

15. What beverage services do you provide?

Full bar services can be provided for parties large and small. By State Law we can only charge for the actual liquor bill. We can recommend how much liquor to purchase for any given event. With the exception of liquor, we provide all other beverage needs and charge accordingly for special mixers, juices, bar fruit and ice. There are no other charges for bartending when we serve mixed drinks or other specialty beverages supplied by the client.

16. Can I provide my own beverages?

Yes, you can provide your own beverages. We will not open more than is necessary for service.

17. Do you provide shuttle service or valet parking?

Yes. These services are contracted through independent service agencies. We are happy to coordinate these services for your event.

18. What can I expect to see in your proposal?

Our event proposals itemize cost estimates per person for food and beverage in addition to cost estimates for labor, rentals, linens, etc. Changes in the final guest count as calculated on our proposal may affect stated cost estimates.

19. How are labor costs determined?

All service labor is billed by the hour, excluding deliveries. Wait staff labor is billed at a minimum of 5 hours per wait, per event. Kitchen labor, including lead chef and dish staff, are billed only for service hours provided. Labor cost estimates in our proposals normally include travel time between our facility and the event site.

20. Are any gratuities included in either my proposal or final bill?

Gratuities are wholly at the discretion of the client and are never included in our proposal. They are suggested on our invoice.

21. When do I need to decide on a final guest count? What happens if that number goes up or down shortly before or the day of the event?

We require your final minimum guest count five (5) business days in advance of your event. This number is used to establish ordering quantities for food, rentals, numbers of staff, etc. After this final guaranteed minimum number is given, we will make every effort to accommodate increases to your final count made within three (3) business days of your event, but we cannot lower your final count for billing purposes after the first deadline.

22. Do you have a contract? What does it include?

Our catering contract is as follows:

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Signatures below acknowledge that The Company will provide catering services as specifically detailed in the proposal. Food and Equipment Rental costs listed in this proposal are estimates only and may vary as the details of the event change, Beverage and Labor estimates may also vary (see above notes). Changes to the above information are possible and will be agreed upon by the client and a representative of The Company no later than five (5) business days prior to your event.

Your final guest count is due five (5) business days prior to your event and will not be decreased after this date for final billing purposes by The Catering Company. The final guest count may be raised no later than three (3) business days prior to your event. In the event of a necessary increase within three days of your event, our staff will make all possible arrangements to accomodate additional guests, however additional service fees may apply in the form of vendor delivery fees and food procurement and preparation fees. The client will be financially responsible for any increased cost for rush orders required to acquire products or services necessary to accommodate increases in the final count made less than three (3) business days prior to your event.

A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required upon signature of this contract to secure our services for this event, with the balance due upon receipt of final invoice.

In the event of cancellation or re-scheduling, the client agrees to remit for any irretrievable material and production costs incurred for the event.

23. Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes. A Certificate of Liability Insurance can be provided to you if necessary.

24. Do you require a deposit?

We typically request a deposit of 50% of the total cost estimate presented in our proposal when a contract is finalized. Corporate and University clients may qualify for a deposit wavier.

25. Do you accept credit cards?

Not at this time.

26. What happens to leftover food?

We will leave all refrigerated food at the customers request. Otherwise food will be donated to a local food pantry.